I am a high-end hooker.  This is my destiny given to me by God.  No, I’m not crazy, nor am I a hardcore religious fanatic.  Some say I’m spiritual, but I don’t necessarily agree with that either.  I have no delusions concerning myself; I am well aware of the “daddy issues” and whatever psychological diagnosis you care to box me into.  I am also aware of the possible, or perhaps imminent, negative backlash.

After many years of concerning myself with public opinion, I enter this cyberworld and profession with this mantra:  F**k public opinion.

I don’t know how many times “Who cares what other people think?” has been said.  We all encouage people — friends and strangers —- to be themselves and to embrace their individulaity, to ignore the painful opinion of others.  Well, here I am, embracing myself and my individuality.  Now we’ll see what you all really think.

I am available in Toronto, Vancouver, and internationally.

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